A Guideline For Sustainable Packaging

How your brand can balance opportunities and trade-offs when reimagining packaging for sustainability


We are committed to shape a waste-free future with you

Today, 45% of the world’s emissions come from making products and consuming them,. In addition to lowering the emissions generated by manufacturing, packaging changes can deliver up to a 30% reduction. More and more companies are tending to target that none of their packaging ends up in landfill or as litter. Meanwhile, Consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability challenges and say they are more willing to act to protect the planet.

How we are working to develop a sustainable packaging solution

Material Choice

Use recycled, biodegradable, reusable, compostable, renewable materials that lower impact on the environment. FSC Certified Report, ISO9001,SGS, All sorts of certificates related to recycled contains can be provided for your cannabis brand.

Efficient Design

  • Minimize material use while maintaining the functionality of the packaging
  • Nested designs: create cannabis packaging stackable, reduce space on shipping
  • Thickness: keep balance between strength and protection.
  • Multi-functionality: Integrate material with construction, creating the packaging box can speak for your brand.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Opt for manufacturing process that are engergy-efficient. So engineer will work out a pre production sample can be mass production practical and low-energy manufacturing. Continuous evaluation and review of manufacturing progress allow us to adapt new action on time to improve efficiency, reducing energy waste.

Supply Chain Measured

Engaging with our supply chain to measure and influence changes to the packaging project, sourcing recycled content, keeping up with the manufacturing technology, collaborating with key partners and share progress and reports.

Our sustainability packaging strategy

Our sustainable packaging is an approach that aims to reduce the negative environmental and social impacts of packaging. We set up a team around 3 engineers to work closely with leading brands, collecting all and latest information on the packaging material. Meanwhile, developing simplified packaging solutions, plastic-free and zero waste is always the rule of sustainable packaging rule in our company.

Our strategy is structured around  steps


Undertaking an initial research and a clear understanding of your brand needs and marketing strategy, we need to prepare some questions and discuss with our clients before starting the packaging sustainability strategy.


Understand where you are and when you are heading to

  • What types of materials are used in your packaging and which you consider to needs to be replaced with
  • What percentage of recycled content in your current packaging? How much needs to be improved?

Where are your competitors heading to? Collect and analyse the data on the market and create a new strategy with our clients, using less packaging material, especially plastic free packaging solution is the priority.


After all details discussion with you, we will define the scope of packaging strategy and collaborate with our major partners to develop new packaging solutions and shape your brands better in the market.


Understand what the brands need and how to achieve the target

  • Setup a target like reducing packaging weight, increasing recycled content or simplified the building of cbd box ect
  • Eliminate the plastic, replaced by paper, tins, PLA,or other recycled material
  • Communicate internally and start a new sustainability journey with our clients, like Change box style, eliminate some necessary finishes, replace EVA/sponge with paper platform, even paper pulp. We have over 1000+ different packaging solutions available to be ready.
  • Once the new sample approved, we will start mass production


After the samples approved, we will focus on the manufacturing mass production with lower energy.

  • Make sure manufacturers have certifications sustainability like ISO, FSC
  • Discussion internally to setup a plan can both meet the deadline and lower energy emission and then put into action like sharpening the new technology, improving workers’ assembling efficiency ect.
  • Reviewing and report are kept updated on the desk, so engineers ca u[grade the plan